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We're all pretty excited for Fallout 4. I mean, I know I am. But what will do in the mean time? Well, duh, yeah of course we can go back and play the older ones. But what if you wanted to play the newer one as an older one? The folks at 8 Bit Weapon decided to answer this question, even if it was awkwardly worded/no one asked.
It's kind of amazing to me that they were able to make a short demo on an actual Apple IIc. And it was pretty surprising that some of the images translated pretty well to that weird pixelated style of old.
Honestly, I probably couldn't play the game this way but I do appreciate all the work that was put into adapting a game that isn't even out yet to old technology. It gave me this strange sense of nostalgia watching them awkwardly traverse through the first person world on the left side of the screen.
Everything seemed so perfectly... terrible, if that makes any sense. It was just detailed enough where it let your mind fill in the blanks as to what the environment actually looked like. It made my imagination work harder than it has in long time. A lot of these older games tend to do that -- make you fill in the blanks -- and that's what I was pretty much remembering as I watched the video.
Another fun thing about this video is the way that they read along to the description shown on the right side of the screen. I know they probably did this in an effort to make the video seem less "boring" but for me, it reminded me of a time before I had mastered the reading skill.
Older relatives or my Dad (mostly my Dad) would read descriptions like this to me while we played video games together. It was one of the best Father/Son bonding experiences I've ever had even though it is a little unconventional.
All of that made me think of the way I'll be showing my Dad Fallout 4 when it comes out. Since he's older and no longer interested in video games the way he was, he'll tell me to walk him through a certain area just so he doesn't have to learn all the buttons before exploring. I'm kind of excited for this, actually. It makes me happy that even though both my Dad and I are a lot older than we used to be, we can still find a way to bond over something as simple as video games.
@RainaC3 I have that same feeling ^_^ @VinMcCarthy, If it wasn't for that personal connection I'd say something like, they should learn how to read gooder.
@nicolejb and I think alcohol robots would be a good addition to any game or life or anything really, that sounds like a fun time.
@RainaC3 Which was your first fallout game? Have you played the really old ones (Fallout 1 and 2) and have you tried the Wasteland series? Those are good too... Well the recently released second one anyway (I just got the Directors Cut, so I'm pretty pumped to start playing it).
hmm.... idk, I like them all. I kinda feel like the newer one will be my favorite though after watching the stage performance trailer for it. @paulisaghost
@RainaC3 That's awesome, do you have a favorite? I personally really enjoy New Vegas the most.
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