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Long story short, I use a chatting service where I work and there is a plug-in where you type "/giphy" and any word you want, and the chatting site digs up a random gif that matches the phrase. It usually comes up pretty hilarious.
Don't even ask me how I got on the subject with my coworker, but I checked "kpop goat" and this is what happened:

I laughed way too hard at Onew, but then I thought...

I have a game for you guys!

Every Monday I'll post a card asking for really random kpop phrases and then I'll check what comes out from the depths of the internetz!
The top 3 comments (the most liked comments) in the comments section will be the ones that I look up!

Now share your randomness, you can comment as many times as you want!

Be sure to like other people's comments too!
@kpopandkimchi Search "magic pineapples" Don't ask me how I came up with just popped up in my heas😂😂😂
mansae squirrel
Search "Exo Narwhals" I just..idk 😂
@kpopandkimchi KPOP CAT PLEASE, I just love cats *wonders who will it be*
YOLO hello hello hello hello tell me Wat u want right now(⌒o⌒)
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