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Last week, I wrote a lovely card about the benefits of whale poo to the ocean, and why we need it in our environment. Essentially the whale poop bacteria helps fertilize the ocean and is filtered in our ecosystem, even traveling to mountain tops.
You can check it out <<HERE>>
The oh-so-smart @WiviDemol brought up a really good point that I thought need addressing.

What does whale poop even look like?!

Screenshot Provided below:
And I thought to myself...You are right. I have never in my life seen what whale poop looks like.

So, I give you... Whale poop!

You are welcome fellow Vinglers.

Is this what you imagined whale poop to look like? Are you surprised by the poo?

If you think this is cool, wait until you see how a rhino pees.
vanishing into the air too @crazyfury? would it look like a mini cloud too? lol. i’m worried for my farts.
@WiviDemol no I thought everyone poop a matter that was visible but whale poop vanishes.
So basically, just like a shark? Lol. We saw a shark poop on some show at my parents' house. Now, anytime we see that shade of green, my brother says, "look! Shark s**t green!" Yep. That's my life. Lol The comments are golden, by the way!! :D
omg! there's a real book like that? gotta see that too @nicolejb @TiffanyWallace
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