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I am a social media junkie, and have accounts to just about every social media website you can think of. But there's definitely something truly unique and special about Vingle.
@TessStevens wrote a card about why she loves Vingle, and I thought I'd share my thoughts!

1) I get to talk to people around the world

I think there is something very awesome about speaking with people from different parts of the world. From Australia, to Korea, to the the U.S. We come from different backgrounds and places, but we come together on this platform to share one or many common interests.

2) Vingle is a safe and friendly environment

Unlike social media platforms, I feel safe here. And the communities on Vingle do a great job at keeping the peace. I think we all want to just come together and share positive vibes, and I think that's pretty cool. What I also like is that a lot of Vinglers are able to come into this space and share different ideas and opinions without being combative.

3) I get to share my writing to people who are interested in the same things

I really love to write -- it's something that I have always loved doing for as long as I remember. On other blog/writing platforms, I felt like I was yelling out into the void. I couldn't connect with anyone because I was just not visible. On Vingle, I get to write poetry, personal essays, share funny things, and know that my content will at least be seen, shared, and appreciated.

4) Vingle feels like such a relaxed, stress-free platform

As much as I do enjoy other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, sometimes it can be highly stressful. On Vingle, I feel like I can truly be myself!

5) I have finally found MY community

No other social media website has a community for latinos. I am very proud-and-loud about my culture. I love everything about: the food, the music, the people, my family, the celebrations. When I talk to other latinos, or those who appreciate the culture -- I feel a tickle of nostalgia and my heart feels all sort of happy things. My culture is my life, and I really do appreciate that Vingle has a community for people like me.
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@Karencorchado yeah i feel honestly becoming bored of fb
@rodiziketan weeeee thanksssss. for sure !! ^^
and btw, I don't even have a Facebook profile anymore... for 11 months. ;) @alywoah
Haha nicee that might be me soon tbh... @rodiziketan
I feel much better, that's all I can say :) @alywoah