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Well, 2 out of 4 (that’s half people!) debates are over and done with here with the Vingle Elections. And it’s getting pretty hot.
If you could write, produce, and direct a movie about your life...what would it be? (feel free to talk genres, plot, and characters) Who would you cast as yourself? How does your life and experience make you a better leader?

@quietone’s Team

Campaigner @quietone took an honest approach, wanting to be as transparent as possible.

@paulisaghost’s Team

@Paulisaghost wants to rule the world with his epic movie franchise.

@TessStevens want a coming of age take. She went into some pretty incredible detail discussing how she might make this movie happen.

Catilus Cage made another appearance in the man raised by cat’s campaign. No surprise here: it takes place in space.

@InPlainSight’s Team

InPlainSight’s team--- dubbed Team IPS went for a softer approach, then went into a lot more detail on what the movie would look like... In it’s own card.
Check it out <<HERE>>

AND LASTLY.... the part that everyone loves the most! SCANDALS

Read the above screenshot of a discovered scandal. Turns out, if you elect @paulisaghost for the year, does that mean he will only rule for 6 days?!?
Anyway, food for thought. The more you know!

Just a reminder to all those that have been following the election.

THE LAST DEBATE is Wednesday the 4th in the evening (U.S. time)
I’m planning something very special for this one...So get ready for something really awesome.
Election Day is coming up too. Next week (Friday the 13th) we will elect the person who will claim at the title of Vingle President.
Follow my Vingle Election collection for all news happenings for the election season! And let’s keep having some slappin’ debates.
SCANDAL As a reasonable member of the party I refuse to engage with the media frenzy. I would like to give a shoutout to @GalaxyTacoCat for an excellent idea for a film, though my loyalty of course remains with team IPS and our epic plan for socks, baked goods, and soccer gifs
@InPlainSight, I guess it depends on you. I mean, most humans can't but there are a couple of humans who practice the dark arts that can slap me. But the Dark Arts Human Ghost Coalition has kind of put a stop to that. And we're on all pretty good speaking terms. So, general answer: no. But if you practice the Dark Arts and pledge your life/children to the Dark Lord then, maybe, I guess.
@inplainsight you suggest eating my family?
@GalaxyTacoCat Yep...tasty family
*bends over in criss cross* This will be....certainly...interesting..
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