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Got a recommended manga here today! Manga: Eden no Ori (Cage of Eden) It's an action and survival story of a highschool class that wrecked on a mysterious island. Airplane crash no less! They try to figure out where they are while danger surrounds them; both creature and human. Anyway this is a freaky island that has inhabitants, therefore the survival part...twist! Read to find out. Art is a different style, but good. Great story to follow. Long enough manga to kill time. Psychological thriller! Character cast and development great! Bottom line is a read, you may not want to but the story will hook you in slowly and deep. Action, Adventure, Romance, Thrilling, And thoes WTF moments! (wrapped into one) also warning that some scenes are graphic I guess... But try it out if you haven't read it. thanks!!!
Add to your read!!! Now!!!
awesome! I'm totally gonna add this one to the list! XD thanks for the recommendation!
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@VinMcCarthy thanks, honestly though it's badass that a person high up on this community reads this. Thanks!
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i LOVE this manga. i stopped when I was pretty far into it because I became really busy but I def need to start up again!!
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I read this!!! It was intense, bit really worth it!
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