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So today I was digging my room and I found these precious magazines! (i lost most of them few years ago..) AH MAN I LOVE THESE MAGAZINES!! I remember signing up for subscription for these and waited every first week of the month to receive my copy.. After the final issue, Ive became really upset that they discontinued it.. sigh* I WANT THIS MONTHLY SHONEN MAGAZINES BACK!!! ㅠㅠ
Monthly Shonen Jump: peek inside
2015 WEEKLY SHOUNEN MAGAZINE..( Not to be confuse with VIZ Shonen Jump and this Shounen Magazine) I got this magazine at the foreign Japanese book section at YP Books in Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea. OH MAN. the price for this magazine is ₩2,800 which is $2.60 in the US! THATS WHY I BOUGHT IT CUZ IT HAS FAIRYTAIL ON THE FRONT OF THE COVER AND ALSO ITS A FREAKIN' SHOUNEN MAGAZINE!!~ :D
Weekly Shounen Magazine: Fairy Tail section :D
I wish they brought it back.. but I don't know if VIZ media or Shonen Jump aren't making profit with these magazines.. I wanna hear about your thoughts/comments about Monthly Shonen Jump Magazine below! haha thanks guys Xb
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@VinMcCarthy DID THEY REALLY SWITCHED IT ONLINE? I GOTTA CHECK THAT OUT LOL XD But.. dang if they really switched it, I must've lived under the rock the whole time! lol
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sorry if I sound shouty lol sometimes I just write in all caps! ^^
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@chrisluu no worries! I think they did anyway, like I remember reading something about that before. I hope it's true!
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I missed those too and the shojo beat magazines too
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same, now they do the online thing sometimes comic is dosorted
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