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Vingle Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?

It's time to pick a side Vinglers!

In honor of Marvel's upcoming release, we're going to have ourselves our OWN little Civil War right here on Vingle!

Step 1: Pick a side.

Are you going to be #TeamCap or #TeamStark (if you need help deciding check out this guide to Marvel's Civil War). If you're #TeamCap, then your symbol is the shield. If you're #TeamStark, your symbol is the arc reactor (the second image on this block).

Step 2: Get crafty.

You're going to need:
A piece of paper A pencil A pair of scissors A bunch of markers or crayons A never say never attitude
You're going to trace the image for your team from your phone onto the piece of paper (it helps if you turn up the brightness all the way). Then you're going to color it in! Yellow & red for #TeamStark's arc reactor, blue & white for #TeamCap's shield.
I taped mine to chopsticks because the last time I ordered Chinese food I got an embarrassing number of entrees for one person. You could use a straw, an old pen/pencil, knitting needles- the world is your oyster.

Step 3: Introduce yourself!

My introduction is here. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself with your team symbol and tell us a little bit about why you've chosen your side for Civil War.

Step 4: Await further instructions

We're going to have a lot of fun challenges ahead this week, so make sure you're following the Vingle Civil War collection so you don't miss any updates! You'll get a notification every time the next time your team is being called to assemble!
@JustinMims21 @FalseLove welcome to the team ^_^
Team Stark
Team Stark!
My pic will be up tomorrow!
@JonPatrickHyde AWESOME!!! and thank you you're too kind!
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