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Krystal Stands Up For Jessica!
Okay so no one really knows what is going on in Krystal's head (maybe she just really had to go to the bathroom and wanted to walk off stage) but it seems like she's standing up for her sister Jessica at a recent music show.
According to clips, when Taeyeon's song "I" won #1 on Music Bank, Krystal immediately started walking off the stage. She stopped dead in her tracks when she realized the camera was still on her though.
Fans have been mostly positive, applauding her bravery for standing up for her sister.
After Jessica’s removal from Girls’ Generation, netizens have been watching Krystal closely to see what her reaction is to the SNSD girls.

See for yourself:

You can see her start walking off the stage (on the right) at 0:42 and then you see she really doesn't look happy at 1:04.

What do you think?

Would you be angry at SNSD if it was your sister getting kicked out?!

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Yass of course I'd be angry!
2 years ago·Reply
I don't think that Jessica getting kicked out was SNSD's fault. If anything it was the companies fault. The company kicked Jessica out because she started her own business and it was doing a lot better than they had thought, so because her business was pulling through, they kicked her out. I mean clearly, if you watch videos on YouTube, the girls are upset that Jessica left, especially Sunny. Now back to Taeyeon. I think that her solo could have waited. f(X), is always side casted and I think that Krystal just had enough of it and wanted to leave. I know that if I was in her position, I'd want to leave as well. ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
@yoshicutie97 yes I definitely agree SM has been...mishandling...a lot of their artists lately. I know I'm not trying to blame only SNSD for what happened, it just left a bad feeling all around. i was never that into them anyway so I just stepped away from it.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm actually an f (x) fan and I hardly know anything about snsd. I don't particularly care for snsd....sorry. it actually took me a couple months to figure out snsd and girl's generation were the same group bc I didn't pay attention to them. I love f (x)! I would definitely stand up for my sister any time. my sister and I are really close bc we're twins. I can't imagine my life without her. I imagine living with her forever lol. whether a big house w/ 2 families or living next to each other. I'll see her face every day. wait what the quesiton again? ummm I love f (x). I think Krystal would defend her sister. sisters are the best things in the world.
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Everyone is speculating on what happened and most people are blaming Krystal but, yeah, no one really knows what actually happened and there could be many reasons for why she left. And it would be because she has anemia or she doesn't like crowded places. Who really knows.
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