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This dude tried to escaped prison...

With a mask of what looks like Mrs. Doubtfire...

Brazilian Clodoaldo Antonio Felipe is a 44-year-old drug trafficker who was jailed in 2009 to serve a 36-year prison sentence. Unlike trying to escape through a sophisticated tunnel like this other drug trafficker dude, Felipe tried to escape by wearing a mask and a dress.
You classy, Felipe.
The prison guards were confused when they saw what looked like a woman, who was far taller than the average woman. They were also curious as to how she was able to enter the prison without identification.

When guards searched Felipe, they discovered his true identity. I gotta give credit to where credit is due -- that mask looks real as heck! Sorry...Felipe, you're going back to the slammer.

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hahahahah "You classy, Felipe” my sentiments exactly!
Hahahaha. This is great.
That's a pretty nice dress. He was lucky to find something that matched his length so well.
Hahahah this is amazing!
Lol this story cracked me up
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