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Hello amigos! I know I made a card for the summer about how to keep that glowing skin last season. Seasons are changing and winter will be here soon. For some ppl their climate and environment drastically changes. Where I'm from the skin will be exposed to freeze cold temperatures, blasts of heat, and winds without mercy. It is true that you have to find a routine for you. Everyone can't do the same, but I will share my routine for my face. @jordanhamilton @shannonl5 @allischaaff @alywoah @TessStevens @RobynHope @JessicaChaney @Tigerlily84

Sugar Scrubs

Many ppl say that scrubs are good for the summer, but they are great for the winter. I continue to exfoliate my skin during the fall seasons and winter seasons. However, I use mild sugar grains and a nice amount of oil. I make my scrubs homemade and only natural products skin I have super sensitive skin. In the summer I use sugar cane, but for the winter I use fine organic sugar. I don't use a scrub everyday. I might use it every other day or adjust to the behavior of my skin. Here is a link to more information about scrubs and winter. Link

Oils and Honey

These two are my best amigos. In my facial scrubs I use oil and honey. You can use what oil is best for you when making your facial scrubs. Sometimes, I use oil as a moisturizer for that extra boost. Everyone has their favorite oil. Pure Avacado oil combined with apricot oil works for me. Honey is liquid gold. It has healing and cleaning properties. 10 oils that will make winter skin glow!


I love using a mask. I use this once a week. Every weekend is home spa day for me. This is when I do my feet and mask. I love doing homemade masks.
This is the mask I use the most during the winter. Yass I LOVE avacado! Don't judge lol.

Facial Sheets

BUT if you are not into making homemade masks or just don't have time. I recommend these facial sheets sold at Sally. You don't have to be all natural! These work well too. Life is not perfect amigos! Sometimes I forget to buy stuff to make my homemade masks, sometimes I don't feel like making them, or I'm in a rush. These sheets are my go to. I use these once a week though when I do use them.

Night Creme

Here is a video on how to make your own.
You may not have time to make a night creme or moisturizer all the time.
If you want to buy a good face moisturizer you can use in the morning or not I recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost. I already made a card explaining this in detail. Here is the link.
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@amobigbang Definitely ^_^ So important, especially as I tend to get more sad and stressed in the winter... less sunlight is the problem, I think. It just feels so yucky and cold outside some days, you gotta take a little extra time for you :)
@allischaaff yep you are right. most ppl tend to get sad during the winter months.
so it's good to find ways to make u happy!
A warning to anyone with eczema who wants to use honey...if you apply it to raw rashes, it will burn. However, it does hasten the healing process, so it IS worth it!