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Different Ways to Show Affection, As Told by IU!

Want to learn how you should send your love to that special someone?

Easy! Here's a quick lesson from the ever adorable IU ^^

Keep it simple: "I like you!"

Jazz it up: "I REALLY like you"

"I'm shy, but I think...I like you!"

Be unique! "Here, I kinda like you"

Loud and proud! "HEY!!! I LIKE YOU, OKAY?!"

Or, be committed: "My heart is only for you!"

Gag cheesy gag!!!

Which heart would you use on your bias? ;)

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last one for TOP, the rest for my other biases
2 years ago·Reply
@JohnEvans LOL yes I like this. I'll reserve them for different biases probably XD
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