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............Um............Yeah Can this album come out Asap!! please!!!! This song is perfect!!!!!!! seriously Jay always kills it, but with the album speakers are gonna be catching like no tomorrow with this album.

November 5th is gonna be the best day ever!!

Listen to JAY PARK - MY (FT. LIL BOI) PROD. BY CHA CHA MALONE by AOMGOFFICIAL #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/aomgofficial/jay-park-my-ft-lil-boi-prod-by-cha-cha-malone
And Jay Released the teaser for "You Know" ft. My main cohort bae Okasian.......This.......just know that this song is gonna cause some serious fire hazards for any speakers,headphones , etc. I Have waited for this moment for lord knows how long and finally my two loves are collabing and i can probably officially die happy .
@PassTheSuga I know me too im like wheres my bae at?? But he needs to hurry up and release it i cant wait any longer @DasiaB lol me too ive listened to it a million times already its just too great
I WAS LOOKING FOR OKASIAN IN THE TEASERRRRR AND THEY DIDN'T SHOW HIM ┐(Β΄Π΄β€˜)β”Œ Uuuugghhh the anticipation is gonna be the end of me! And I have to do my obligatory LIL BOIIIIIIIIIII SWOOOOONN β™₯β€’β™₯
YASSS I heard My on sound cloud earlier today and I immediatly saved that and proceeded to play it like 6 times in a row. Jay is just....*sigh* how can ppl not love him? 😍
YAS!!!!!!!! So exciting!