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I can never convince my friends lol. But I least I have you all. Also I just wanted to welcome any new members in the community!!

Don't worry we're all crazy here and love new people!!!

My name's Kiara and my ultimate bias is Jin hence the name ThePinkPrincess lol.

If you ever need help or just want to talk you can message me anytime :D I always want to talk. Don't even be nervous about it!!

Some of my favorite groups are EXO, BIGBANG and BTS!! I also like BEAST, Brown Eyed Girls, and GOT7.

To all our members, new and old, what is your ultimate bias and some of your favorite groups??

Welcome to the dark side, we have beautiful men who dance seductively and sing like angels.... And are completely ridiculous and idiotic.
My ultimate bias jhopie :3 ummmm some of my favs are BTS, Big Bang, Shinee, Got7, winner, Vixx, 2ne1, Block B...there are too many....and its really hard to have one I was fighting with myself wether to put V or jhope as my bias...or GD.... GAH why is this so hard!
Hey we share the same ultimate bias :). Nice to meet you!!! My favorite groups is bts, exo, big bang, 2ne1, got7, sistar, b.a.p!! Welcome to the dark side!!!
Well everyone who knows me knows that my future husband and love of my life is Hwang Chansung of 2pm lol. even my friends who know nothing of kpop (and don't want to) know his name because I'm talking about him all the time haha. but other (than 2pm) groups I like are BTS, 2NE1, Sistar, and Got7. I am always looking to make new friends here (none of my other friends like kpop haha... the struggle lol ). Welcome all new comers !! *WARNING: now that you're here , there's no escape. you're one of us now muahaha lol
my bias is.... SUGGGGAAAAAAAAAA. min yoongi is my baby
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