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So my roommate is a hardcore vegan, and it can be hard for her (and for me as well) to live with me, a meat-eater. I really like diversity of food, that means I will eat everything as long as I like it, no matter if someone says to me it's not healthy. But I already started with vegeterian week, which is every second week of a month, but today I am going vegan. I've just been to this vegan self-service restaurant and I have to say that even tho I didn't hava a clue what I was eating I actually liked it. It was all about the diversity of spices. I even ate something with the same texture and taste as turkey. So yeah, interesting lunch.
I've been a vegetarian for a little over a month and I'm really sticking to it! Good for you!!!
@Lloydm black bean burger are AMAZING. I make them homemade and I'd say they are almost as good as beef burger. They are definitely filling and tasty.
hmm I started out with salads then I started making my own bean burgers
it kinda was haha. I'm just making a broccoli soup lol @alywoah
It definitely looks good though!
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