GRAVEROBBER Narrator and Zydrate dealer, Graverobber is a cataclysmic trickster in Repo! the Genetic Opera, a dystopian comic book style rock opera. He is a bit god-like in his presentation, as he seems to know everything about everybody and be in just the right places at just the right times. Although he is quite helpful to the protagonist, Shiloh, there are subtle indications that his motives are not exactly pure. His playful antics also get her into trouble once or twice. Without Graverobber, though, she would not have learned pertinent information or had certain revelations.
JARETH This old goblin king has left his calling card in our world, in the form of a fairytale. It becomes the obsession of an angsty teenaged girl, who feels like the world's against her. She calls upon him in a moment of despair, and he appears to grant her wish. She immediately regrets her wish. As with other tricksters, Jareth is morally ambiguous. From Sarah's perspective, he is cruel and has done evil things. However, the Fae (Fairy-kind) do not understand figurative speech, so when Jareth took her brother, he thought he was answering a request (she said "I wish..." and everything!). When he realized he had blundered, he quickly thought of a way to fix his mistake...but there was a catch. He really liked Sarah, so he wanted to keep her indebted to him. But if she got her brother back, they would be even and she'd never call upon him again. So, he gave her an impossible task. He doesn't anticipate her ability to charm others into aiding her, though. To thwart her progress, he creates new obstacles, blackmails and manipulates her friends, and even breaks his own rules when she disrespects him. Tricksters are funny, in regards to rules. They do not and will not follow societal rules. They often even break the rules of nature. Yet, tricksters seem to have their own principles and values, honor amongst thieves and such. They may change the rules that they expect us to follow, but their own rules are pretty much set. So, when Jareth breaks his own rules, gets too involved, he reveals his vulnerability and opens himself up to defeat.
@ButterflyBlu I named my son Jareth after this movie XD
YESSSS!! @BeannachtOraibh @VixenViVi *high five* I love these two and I freaking LOVE these movies. We actually watched Repo a little less than a week ago...for the millionth time. <3
This card is great and you mentioned Repo.. Clipped
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