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With Thanksgiving already on its way (this happens every year! How is it November already?) I thought you guys would enjoy some more seasonal recipes. How about a little pumpkin pie, breakfast edition?
This mouthwatering recipe from Minimalist Baker is a truly decadent way to start your day. But rest easy – the protein and fiber packed in more than make up for the touch of natural sugars! :)
The recipe takes only 10 ingredients and 30 minutes to prepare. That's what I love about Minimalist Baker recipes – she's, well, minimalist! :)
Make it even better by topping your delicious bowl of pumpkin oats and maple cinnamon pecans with some delectable pumpkin butter and truly scrumptious coconut whipped cream.
Look at that yummy, spreadable pumpkin butter! I can't even begin to imagine how good this is on whole wheat toast with a little drizzle of honey.
Get the full recipe from Minimalist Baker's blog here! All photos are hers. :)

Happy November, Vingle foodies! :D

Always, my darling! :D <3 @Thyaremycreator Have you had any luck cooking up some vegan treats lately? How's everything going?
Thank you (;👍
Another vegan breakfast idea for you @Thyaremycreator ;)
😁😊 lately I haven't - school but when I have the time I do 😌 I do make a vegan breakfast every morning though 😚