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It's all the wave, literally. It's the new version of curly hair and let's all admit that we absolutely love it. Of course, we're talking about none other than wavy hair. It's trendy, stylish and let's not forget to mention convenient. Whether it be by curling wand or a blow dryer, you can achieve the perfect wavy look in no time. Keep scrolling to see a few different wave friendly looks you an try at home.

Technique #1: The Classic Wave

You can easily achieve this wavy look by using a curling wand.

Technique #2: The Bed Head Wave

Who knew a hair dryer could create some amazing "I woke up like this" type waves.

Technique #3: The Crimped Waves

This super simple technique allows you to embrace your inner 90s girl.

Technique #4: The Beach Waves

You don't have to be on somebodies beach to rock this specific style.

Technique #5: The S Wave

This is so much better than the S curl, believe me.

Ladies, what's your favorite wavy hair technique?

demonstration of each would be nice :)
Yeah @jordanhamilton I was confused because crimped waves had the same picture as bedhead waves?
I'll try my best and find videos that cater to each style in my future cards @KenzieK
thank you I really like it I want to try it today
add me on snapchat sylviaannpilli1 so u can keeping up dates on new hair style
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