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Today it was announced that Osamu Mukai and Aoi Miyazaki will be co-starring for the first time as husband and wife in a new film by Ryuichi Hiroki called Kiiroi Zou (literally Yellow Elephant). The movie is based on a popular 2006 novel by Kanako Nishi. In fact, when the book was first introduced in the literary magazine “Da Vinci”, Miyazaki was quoted as saying, “Someday, I want to play ‘Tsuma’ from this novel.” Mukai also reportedly shared her fondness of the original work. The two protagonists of the story are a married couple who refer to one another simply as “Muko-san” and “Tsuma” (also the word for “wife”). Specifically, Miyazaki plays Aiko Tsumari, the loving, somewhat unworldly wife of an unsuccessful novelist named Ayumi Muko (Mukai). The couple share a peaceful, close relationship together, but they begin to grow apart little by little after a certain letter arrives addressed to Muko. Filming of “Kiiroi Zou” took place in Mie Prefecture and several other locations from April 11th to May 11th. A release is planned for sometime in 2013. Source: via
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why do i get the feeling that the setting is like Gegege no nyobu? :)