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Chelsea suffered another embarrassing home defeat this weekend, this time at the hands of Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp's men won 3-1, dropping Chelsea to 15th - yes, that's right, 15th! - in the table through 11 matches.

An amazing double by midfielder Philippe Coutinho was enough to offset Ramires's early goal and Liverpool took all three points.

With Chelsea's form absolutely horrid, I think it's seriously time to consider whether or not Mourinho is the best man for this job.

Chelsea will not win the league this season. That ship has sailed.

But they have to do their best to fight back and gain a Champions League spot by finishing top four, and that's still within the realm of possibility.

But only if they start winning now.

There is so much quality on this team that is not being managed correctly.
There's just no way a team with Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and more should be outside of the top 10. When you look at the table and see where Chelsea lie, there's only one man to blame:

Jose Mourinho.

His antics have won him a lot of matches and titles in his career, as well as quite a few hates, but the reality is that something is not right in Chelsea's camp.
He won the title with the Blues last year, but something is not clicking. The team has not gotten worse, that's for sure; these are the same players that dominated the league last season.

So when the players are the same, but the results are dramatically different, we have no choice but to look to the manager, right?

I say Chelsea need to sack Mourinho TODAY.

It's not yet too late for Chelsea to turn around their season and aim for a top four finish. With the quality they have in their squad, they could easily go on a great run and win a handful of matches in a row to find themselves back on the fringes by Christmas.

But if they wait much longer, it will be too late.

What do you think? Sack Mourinho, or let the Chosen One figure it out with his squad? Is it too late for Chelsea?
@InPlainSight Well Guardiola still has to finish his season but he did say he wants to manage a team in London haha.
I just think it's kind of odd how a team cam go from being on top last season to what they are now
@InPlainSight haven't heard Conte's name in a while, he could definitely be an option
@mchlyang Gaurdiola? Conte?
This could be his last week as manager.....I heard there's something going on between the players and Mourinho. They should all be professionals and work something out this week!
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