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Came across this fabulous teaser for this rookie group. And im actually really excited to learn more about them because they are extremely talented, i can tell this song is gonna be amazing and they are all major cuties(lucky for me they are all 19-up so no babies to worry about here)

Here are the beautiful memebers:


Name: Kim Min Hyuk Birthday: April 11,1992(23) Height:178cm Weight:61kg Blood Type: A

Name: Bak Jong Bin(bak may be spelled wrong) Birthdate:May 18, 1996(19) Height: 178cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: A J.vin is seriously one of my top bias of the group hes too perfect


Name: Kang Byung Sun Birthdate: December 31, 1995(20) Height:176cm Weight:60kg Blood type: O


Name: Kim Ki Ho Birthdate: October 24,1994(21) Height: 178cm Weight:62kg Blood Type: A


Name: Kim Young Joun Birthdate: May 21, 1994(21) Height: 180cm Weight:70kg Blood Type: B Saved the best for last since hes my #1 bias of the group already lol hes just too perfect look at him! That face is just too cute!
Cant wait for there MV to come out and definetly hope to hear a lot from these guys!
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@jeppblackmen lol i did the same thing i was looking at the b.a.p teaser and right above it was this so i was like oooh b.a.p. .......wait a minute😂😂but in glad i found this and @MattK95 me too! i cant wait they have my support
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I checked out their teaser last night and I hafta say they've peaked my interest....definitely anticipating their debut.
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Well.....I have died and went to heaven!!!! DO THEY HAVE ANY SONGS?
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@ILikeHisFace123 this is gonna be there debut song so hopefully they have more once they debut but arent they perfect! My favorites are J.Jun , Minhyuk(hes blonde now) , And. J.vin but its seriously soo hard to choose between them
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