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Hey guys. I feel like I'm missing something because the full MADE album was supposed to be out by mid September with new albums. Now it's the beginning of November and STILL no full album. I understand they have to take time off from the tour and they are humans too, but I'm just curious if they are still coming out with the album or they already have and I just completely missed it. Thanks:)
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no problem 馃挍 @AliciaStransky
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its on itunes
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the whole thing??@LoveLana
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@AliciaStransky It isn't out yet mainly because they are still working on it...it would have been done, but YG decided to give them all some time off after their tour, with how busy they have been I'm glad for them, everyone needs a rest at some point. Although it's not easy I'm going to do my best to patiently wait for the album :D
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