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Saitama, on the other hand, is a "normal" human who has trained himself beyond the peak of human potential. He chose to become a superhero to add some excitement to his life, and has now paradoxically become so powerful that his new career is boring. He defeats every foe he encounters in a single punch and a shower of gore (with only one exception to date), in most cases not suffering a single scratch or scuff. He's stronger than the strongest, faster than the fastest, tougher than the toughest, and can even survive the vacuum of space by holding his breath. He doesn't, however, possess any abilities that go beyond normal human abilities -- he can't fly or fire off energy/ki blasts. He can, however, break them with a punch. At one point a giant meteorite was going to destroy the city he simple punched straight through it. another time there was this monster called the sea king who was covering the Earth on water on one punch saitama punched the monster into nothing and split the ocean in half. He fought a man who can move at the speed of sounds and could keep up with him easily.
Saitama! the wind force alone from one punch can obliterate and entire mountain! that's not even with any contact.
Saitama. Not even a close fight
I know people who do 100 situps and 100 push ups and 100 sit ups and 10 km run. One punch man is a fake anime or there might be behind the story. No body in the Anime history would stand a chance against Natsu, Liffy, Natsu ,Goku, etc...
everytime i see one punch man the cayu theme song pops in my head
lol not fair i need to know more about one punch man