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For those who don't know Cassandra Cain, she was the 2nd Batgirl (technically 4th) before giving up the role to Stephanie Brown. She was also the first Batgirl to get her own self titled comic series.
Her parents were both notorious assassins. David Cain and Lady Shiva. Her father was the one responsible for her training and upbringing. She hardly ever spoke, but her actions spoke louder than words, and especially when it came to fighting. After saving the commissioner's life, she was then noticed by Bruce Wayne. She became the Batgirl and soon was adopted by Bruce Wayne. After killing her mother, Lady Shiva, she gave up the cowl to Stephanie Brown and fled the batfamily. Robin went in search for her, but that's where her story initially ends.
Lol 4 a second, I thought she was weapon X-23 from Xman, based on her costume.
she looks more badass & harder than originals.
Wooo Cassie Cain, this is so awesome!!! I love the character, she's so cool ^_^ @TyTruth @OGv6FATE @loftonc16 @FreeWill666 have you seen this?
@SparkRIDE I would LOVE that. A solo film or something.... she'd probably be perfect for tv acutally
@shannonl5 at least we get to see her again. :) although I would love to see her on the big screen too.
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