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The Vingle gods have bestow upon us the honor to partake in another giveaway + challenge and show why our Anime Community is the best in Vingle!
The announcement was made by @hikaymm~ Here's the link to her Original Giveaway card:

The Challenge:

> Make a really awesome card for this topic: "3 Anime Everyone Should Watch"
> Give it an original title! If everyone's title is exactly the same, that'd be kinda lame, no?
> Post it to the "Japanese Anime" Community and tag her (@hikaymm) in it so she can clip it to the Challenge Collection!
> That's all you have to do to enter!
The anime community everywhere is a huge one. No matter where you are, there will always be an Otaku around. However, The anime fandom keeps growing as you are reading this card.
For those brave enough to enter the anime fandom, "Welcome back~ We've been all waiting for you!" If you didn't know, we are all Otakus, we just have to discover that side of us. You're back to where you belong so let me give you a hand if you don't know where to start.

1) One Piece

One Piece is the best anime to start with. The story is simple but also complex a the same time. It has every anime genre imaginable in it. There are so many characters with their own unique personalities, skills and charm that you won't be able to remember them all. Once you get into the world of OP, you see Luffy (with the red jacket) up there?, you will never escape it's claws. OP is the best example of how an anime can exceed it's potential and so much more, and it's an anime you will have to watch more than once to fully understand it.
" I'm gonna be the Pirate King! " - Monkey D. Luffy

2) Death Note

Another great way to start anime if you are into the mystery / psychological genres. Imagine a world where there's an actual notebook that kills anybody as you write their names in it. It might not seem too original, but at the time, it blew everyone's mind and the anime has aged very well. You will be on your toes while watching this one as you also try to figure out the situation the characters are in. The best you can get in this specific genre. Even though it is a mystery anime, it's not hard to follow the story (especially as you get immersed in their world).
“There is no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you're alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die. Death is Equal.” - Tsugumi Ohba (Author)

3) Angel Beats

My last pick is going to be Angel Beats. The story and the impact it had and still has for every viewer is what makes this anime what it is today. Every character has a story to tell and every time you hear each one of them, you will feel something different. Angel Beats is a good way to start understanding the term "The Feels". If you ask any fan about this anime, they will tell you the same. A great comedy with a "little" twist at the end!
"Truly and deeply, thank you for giving, my life to me." - Kanade Tachibana
With these 3 animes, you will be able to know why anime is so great and why we have our fandoms! Feel free to agree or disagree with me ^^ and of course, make sure to make your card for the "Giveaway + Challenge" by @hikaymm to get a chance to win an awesome prize!

Looking forward to your cards!~

angel beats
Yay, I didn't even see your card till I looked in the contest folder. I love all of these! <3 REALLY good choices. Angel Beats had me a mess though, lol. I really really like the music too.
@Danse lol it's all good xD and what do you mean "had"? O.o I'm still a huge mess and every time I listen to any of the songs on it, I cry a river plus I run to get my spoon and ice-cream T^T
@RosePark I recover quickly? lol I just meant 'had' as in when I watched it. If I think about a show I'm sure I'll get the feels back, but then I want to watch it would be a never ending cycle. *sob*
The only one I've watched on the list is Death Note because my younger sister was into it. I'm kind of interested in Angel Beats. Thanks for the list!