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I wrote this specific card in response to Allison McCarthy's article, "UNPOPULAR OPINION: Forehead Kisses Are Not Romantic" seen on website [see here].

It's no secret that kisses hold meaning.

That goodnight kiss he gives you before you get out of his car after a great first date, that kiss he gives you on your wedding day that speaks more volume than any word ever could and even that kiss he plants on your forehead after he leaves out the door for work -- they all have different meanings. Kissing is a way to express your feelings for someone by letting your actions do the talking.
As much as we love kissing and feel loved when sharing a kiss with someone we truly care about, not everyone feels that every kiss is meant to be affectionate. I'm talking about those forehead kisses. The ones that some find sweet and subtle, where others find them child like and scream "we're just friends, although I care about you". I've shared a few kisses in my day and to keep it completely genuine, I have fallen madly in love with the idea of a guy kissing my forehead before he even considers kissing my lips.
While author Allison McCarthy views forehead kisses as the least bit romantic, I think the total opposite. Forehead kisses scream romantic. I mean seriously, why would a guy kiss your forehead if he didn't genuinely care about you? A guy who wasn't interested in you, more than likely he wouldn't even be worried about kissing you to begin with. Kissing is intimate and if a guy doesn't see a future or see something great in you, than he will go for the kill and skip the kissing phase.
McCarthy says, "Forehead kisses aren't romantic -- they're actually the kiss of neutrality. A forehead kiss is an exchange best suited to parents and their children or between siblings. I flinch whenever someone I鈥檓 interested in makes a move for my forehead. For me, no kiss at all would be far better than this patronizing peck." Everyone has their own opinion and their opinion deserves to be respected. So, with that being said, I'll give McCarthy the benefit of the doubt and let her continue to think that forehead kisses are meant to be exclusively for parents and their children.
I never grew up with my parents kissing my forehead, if anything they would kiss my cheek. I always saw movies where the man would kiss the woman's forehead and thought of it to be completely romantic. I would give anything to have a man kiss my forehead and the moment it happened, I knew that this guy was different. Maybe I was thinking too deep [I'm known for that], but let Carrie Bradshaw tell it and I bet you she would agree with me.
Forehead kisses are romantic and gentle gestures that only a man who sees you as more than "just another chick" would enforce. It's obvious we're the generation of tongue kissing, lip biting or simply no kissing at all, so appreciate the guy who plants kisses on your forehead, cheek and hand. He's a gem and those kisses tell stories that you'll want to reread over and over again.
Please do chime in.

Are forehead kisses are romantic or non-romantic?

I love forehead kisses! my boyfriend always surprising me with them and honestly I kind them cuter than a regular kiss because it's in no way sexual so it normally touches people on a more personal level
I've always used the forehead kiss romantically. It is my non verbal way of telling my Significant Other that i love them. Yes I kissed her on the lips, but I could do that anytime. The forehead was special, didn't happen as often. I saved it for times when I wanted to convey more meaning than lips could say
They are romantic! And they can mean so much more than the deepest, longest kiss on the mouth. "It is *you* I miss, not sex with you." "I see you hurting and wish this kiss was enough to heal the pain." "I just want to be with you forever."
I would think that a forehead kiss would signify sensitivity and having deep feelings for the person. So yes, it is romantic.
I think it depends on the scenario and the person. A kiss on the cheek is sweet, too, depending on why. I honestly consider kissing the forehead, or the top of the head, comfort kissing. It's intended to say "I deeply care and am here for you."
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