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Beyonce said it best. We run the world.

It also seems like sometimes we can run our relationships as well. Whether we're constantly wanting affection or constantly questioning our boyfriend about his every move -- there's a girlfriend that falls under those categories and so many more. At the end of the day, depending on what type of girlfriend you happen to be can say a lot about your relationship.
A guy will appreciate the encouraging and comforting girlfriend over the girlfriend who questions his whereabouts every single time he goes out with the fellas. Which type of girlfriend do you happen to be? If you're not sure, check out the video [seen above] and see just where you fall under the spectrum of girlfriends.
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haha, I don't think she did. I wish I could say the same @amobigbang
I have friends that are like some she mentioned. but yeah I'm not obsessed nor am I dumb. I guess I'm laid back type but I will beat that butt if needed lol! so I guess I lied. I'm not normal @jordanhamilton
I'm laid back for the most part. I have my moments though and please believe me I have no probably giving a beat down either, haha @amobigbang
Good video! I think they covered most of my friends at some point lol. @jordanhamilton I sound mean but it's true.... Out of most of my friends (not the married ones which is very view I might add) I'm the only one that left standing with the same guy for almost a decade (and they why I am not married yet part it's a crazy thing with me. Lol)
wow, I commend you. a decade is a LONG time. I just hope someday I can say the same :) @LAVONYORK