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In every series of Yugioh the main character had a monster that boasted 2500 ATK, most were also level 7. The exceptions are Yuma's Number 39: Utopia and Yuto's Dark Rebellion Dragon. Arc-V has essentially 4 main characters, Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri. While it can be expected that Yuri's Ace monster will follow the pattern, nothing has been shown about his deck except a shadow of a dragon. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is Yugo's ace monster. In a deck about Synchro-ing Machines called Speedroids, Clearwing is so far the only Dragon. His artwork is amazing and his animation is great. If only he had an effect that matched that greatness. Oh wait he does. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon has a main effect that shuts down high level effects. Not just one effect, he has two effects. First, during either player's turn, if a level 5 or higher monster activates it's effect, Clear Wing can negate the effect and destroy the card. Next, if any monster effect 'targets' a level 5 or higher monster on the field (and no other cards), then Clear wing can Negate the effect and destroy the card. Both of these effects can be used on any turn, once per turn. If that wasn't strong, then his final effect should be. If a monster is destroyed by either of his effects, he gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. This effect is very versatile despite its major drawback. For the weakness, the first effect can't stop level 4 or lower monster effects. Since Xyz Monsters have a Rank and not a level, they also bypass Clear Wing's protection. But on the other side, cards like Castel, the Skyblasting Musketeer, and Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, who are normally immune to the first effect can be hit by the second effect providing the monster targets a high level monster. This effect also works on low level monsters that 'target' another monster on the field, like Union monsters, and cards like 'Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer'. For another example facing down an Apoqliphort Towers? Need massive power? Summon Clear Wing and Stardust Spark Dragon, then use Spark dragon's effect to target Clear Wing, this fulfills both the activation requirements. Destroy your spark dragon which will make Clear Wing have 5000 ATK. Clear wing is a level 7 Synchro with no specific Requirement. Most, if not all synchro decks can synchro summon level 7 monsters, making him extremely easy to summon. Play him if you want, fear him if you choose, but now you can't say you never heard of him. Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is the Yugioh Card of the Day for October 29th, 2015.