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Notre Dame may be in deep water after this scandal.
According to The New York Daily News, a lawsuit has been filed by a student who was on an athletic scholarship alleging that a female academic coach manipulated basketball and football players into having sex with her daughter in exchange for academic favors
Via The New York Daily News.
"The alleged relationship did not begin until he sought tutoring lessons during this year’s spring semester. Those lessons quickly escalated to out-of-state sexual rendezvous between her daughter and the student."
"She would later interrogate him about the “nature, frequency, and quality of the sexual activities” they had, the lawsuit claims, badgering him with “racially-charged comments about his sexual prowess and genitalia.”
That's not all though. The student filing the lawsuit also claims that when he tried to end the relationship, the tutor tried to convert him to Catholicism and attempted to refer him to counseling in order to “medicate Plaintiff John Doe to keep him passive, cooperative, and under control.”
If this is indeed true, I feel so bad for the student involved in this situation. Notre Dame has a high academic standard, and this kid probably felt this was the only way that they could maintain their eligibility. I wish there was a stronger check and balance system in place to protect these students from situations like this.
woah, this is a pretty big scandal... there seem to be a lot of bad relationships between athletes and their mentors. that’s not ok.
This is pretty messed up stuff....make athletes have sex with her own daughter?