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Rihanna has one of the most enticing images in music right now.
When Rihanna makes a post on social media or connects with a new brand, everyone across the globe locks in to see what has come to pass. Over the past year we seen Riri push Puma back into the limelight, and it seems as if Samsung wants in as well as they just cut a 25 million dollar check to bring Rihanna on board.
According to The New York Post, Rihanna allegedly cut an impressive deal with Samsung: the company will chip in $25 million to sponsor the singer’s ANTI album and the following tour.
For those who follow hip-hip closely they would know that this deal makes sense as Samsung set up a similar deal with another Roc Nation artist (Jay-Z) in the past. While the deal was extremely lucrative for Jay-Z, he drew harsh criticism from journalist across the board for the creative control the deal gave the company over the music.
Be on the lookout for Rihanna's album ANTI on the way soon. I am excited to see how Samsung handles things this time around.