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National Cat Day may have just passed...

...but that doesn't mean you need to wait another year to embrace your cat obsession. Once you've finished plumping up your wardrobe with some quirky cat gear, it's obviously logical to next move on to your home.
As a true cat enthusiast, it's impossible to fit an entire apartment's worth of kitty goods into one card, so today we shall just focus on the cutest items you need for your kitchen right meow.

Kit-Tea Infuser (Gama-Go)

Is it just me, or does copious tea consumption fit with the cat lady stereotype?

Cat Study Mug (Anthropologie)

Because you need a cat-appropriate vessel for your cat tea infuser.

Cat Lover's Holiday Kitchen Towel (Sur La Table)

Cats + Christmas? Two of my favorite things and a beautiful marriage in super-sweet, pun-filled towel form.

Meow Stemless Wine Glass Set (Urban Outfitters)

How do I not own these? They're my ideal Friday night - one for me, and one for Nala.

Kitty Kitchen Timer (Kikkerland)

I own and adore this. Okay, maybe it doesn't work that well and isn't very reliable. But it looks great on my counter!

Meow for Measuring Cups (Modcloth)

So you can have feline participation in your baking adventures without having to later consume cat hair.

Which room should we cat-ify next?

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