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Three games into the NBA season and the Rockets are stinking up the league. At the moment Houston is 0-3 and their superstar James Harden has been subpar in the early part of the season.
While many are scratching their head as to why Houston is playing so poor thus far, hip-hop star Lil B seems to know exactly why Harden is off to a slow start: Curse of the based god.
The Based God took to social media to explain the baller’s bad day. “Yall see how James harden is playing because he won’t acknowledge he does the lil b cooking dance sports celebration. Sad , cursed – Lil B,” he typed.
While many will say this is silly, the Thunder nor Rockets have reached the heights many assumed they would since they got on the bad side of Lil B.

Should James Harden make peace with Lil B for the sake of the franchise?

Hahaha yeap its real!
The Lil B curse is for real lol