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So there was an online poll 1D VS 2NE1.. it had been going back and forth for days and in the end 2NE1 won! But people like Julia just make me so mad! I was scrolling watching Blackjacks excited and then I come across her.. from what I read no one said so much negativity about 1D as she did for 2NE1.
1D needs to do something MEMORABLE to go down in history!! There are many bands that are/were famous but only the ones who left a true mark will be in history books.
Why do people have to be like this?? Sorry kpop fans are more willing to help each other out!! I may not be a full Blackjack but I did vote to support. Fandoms will come together to help out!
@KpopGaby and those closed minded are dead wrong about kpop if only they did their research they would know Exo beat 1D in album sales.. kpop is getting spread more @kpopisnylife exactly! I stopped listening to the radio because all I heard was how girl's booties shake, drugs, and so on so forth. I missed the meaning behind songs which is what I find in kpop I've always loved boy/girl groups.. kpop is everything I wanted including what you listed
kpop fans stick together. and i'm sorry but korean groups can sing dance rap, sometimes do martial arts, play intruments, are funny sweet admirable people. there are some american artists like that but it's much less common. the fans actions are sometimes a reflection of the group so....just saying
@KpopGaby and that's what I love about any kpop group but when trying to conversate with a 1D fan it's all oh 1D can do that I'm like really? can they do Tao's flip in Mama?? Can they make awesome visuals like SHINee and other great groups? Possibly but it's the respect the fans lack for other great groups and they bring them down so fast @kpopisnylife kpop is life right now
i quit listening to the radio too for that very reason. i was so happy to know that meaningful music still existed when i found kpop @JessAS
@JessAS Exactly! Only because 1D is globally known doesn't mean that they have the qualities to be the "best". People should respect K-Pop artists because they work 5 times harder than other groups/bands out there! These artists spend HOURS in a room just practicing over steps that will only last 3-4 minutes long! 1D and JB were overnight sensations while these people have to work to be recognized!
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