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Again this one is not really a challange, it is all about participation and bouncing off funny ideas off of each other! (My Supernatural Family will catch it next lol) Here is Aquaman.. The Batman VS Superman version ::sploosh:: but we are not talking about that Aquaman because we do not know how his character is going to get down. I personally see a warrior that I want to save me from my shower.. But that is me lol
What would you do if you were Aquaman for a day? You live on the beach, you go into the water and all of a sudden you see Manatees trying to get your number *frisky*
Don't take this man for granted but tell me what would you do? @shannonl5 @TessStevens @amobigbang @butterflyblu @VinMcCarthy And all of Vingle! I'm tagging more in a few! Xoxo L A
I'd ask Kanye West how his gay fish life is going.
ok i won't use this to wish to be batman lol i actually do enjoy aquaman as a serious character sooo I'd see what's really going on with the Bermuda triangle
@amobigbang you can yell at the jelly fish from land and tell them to go home and stop stinging people! Lmao
and if you guys haven't already the new DC animated films are hype as shit they're way more bad ass now like : The flash point paradox, and the dark night returns part 1,2 you guys should give those a watch
dive deep underwater talk to the fish ask if there was any sunken ships around get gold look for other Atlantians to see if they exist probably fight some sharks and try to get all this done before I drown f a mermaid also
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