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Random pictures, but I LOVE THIS APP. Everyone is so nice and it helps me keep updated:) I sadly don't have any Kpop friends at my school or in my town/state. I live in MA..anyone wanna hang? :P or at least a kakaotalk because any of my friends I introduce Kpop/kDramas too, they might like it a little but can't FANGIRL on my level!! you should be able to find my at Alicia Stransky on Facebook, Twitter, and kakao. This community is so nice I know y'all won't disappoint. Oh!! And I love BTS, BIGBANG, EXO, MONSTA X, 17, GOT7, IKON just to name a few. Jungkook is my ultimate bias, but y'all know how literally EVERYONE is a bias ruiners:P I've also been watching Because It's The First TIme, You're Beautiful, To The Beautiful You, etc. ultimate actor bias=Lee Hyun Woo:):):):):)
Lee Hyun Woo!!!! Good actor bias, he is a precious adorable face. Welcome to vingle!
welcome! ! I understand how you feel. I haven't been able to convert my friends either lol like what's wrong with our friends?? lol don't they want their lives to be ruined too? haha
Nice to meet another Kpop Vingler! I love all of those groups too!
JUNHOE ♡▂♡ Also hiii...welcome to our family!
WELCOME<3 Ikr , this community is awesome and super nice and accepting >ω< OMG I LOVE LEE HYUN WOO ,especially when he starred in "The Technicians"<3
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