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Random pictures, but I LOVE THIS APP. Everyone is so nice and it helps me keep updated:) I sadly don't have any Kpop friends at my school or in my town/state. I live in MA..anyone wanna hang? :P or at least a kakaotalk because any of my friends I introduce Kpop/kDramas too, they might like it a little but can't FANGIRL on my level!! you should be able to find my at Alicia Stransky on Facebook, Twitter, and kakao. This community is so nice I know y'all won't disappoint. Oh!! And I love BTS, BIGBANG, EXO, MONSTA X, 17, GOT7, IKON just to name a few. Jungkook is my ultimate bias, but y'all know how literally EVERYONE is a bias ruiners:P I've also been watching Because It's The First TIme, You're Beautiful, To The Beautiful You, etc. ultimate actor bias=Lee Hyun Woo:):):):):)
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Lee Hyun Woo!!!! Good actor bias, he is a precious adorable face. Welcome to vingle!
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Welcome e to Vingle. .
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Welcome馃挄 and no one near me likes kpop either so im hear if you ever want to fangirl with someone
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Hi and welcome to Vingle! My name is Cortney and I feel you! My friends kinda like Kpop/KDramas but not enough to totally freak out over it like me. I may or may not be a total fan girl...... But it's nice to meet you and (again) welcome to Vingle!!! 鈽猴笍
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welcome 馃槃
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