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●■●■I'm So Sorry But I Love You■●■● [FanFic]
All right so I've decided to start a short little fanfic I'm doing it just for fun you know . . I might leave author notes sometimes and some gif set with be provided to go along with the story :) . . I'm not a prowriter and tbh this is my first actual fanfic like things so be gentle with me lol but I'm all up for comments so don't be afraid to leave them below . . . *Warning: this isn't going to be too graphic but there will be some implied messages here so I'm just going to let you know* With out further a do I give you chapter 1
Background information: *You have been hanging around Big Bang for about a year know, you are close with them....in particular you are especially close with Ji Yong* *Your current location is at his home*
[Y/N]: *laughing current episode Doraemon* Did you see that Ji Jiyong: *amused* I can't believe Dae actually convinced you into watching that [Y/N]: It's really not all that bad, come watch it with me Jiyong: *Let's out a small breath* Why don't we do something else
[Y/N]: Like what Jiyong: I've got a few ideas I mind actually, but I'll let you choose [Y/N]: *You move closer to him* Jiyong: Pick a number 1 through 8 [Y/N]: *You chuckle a bit * what JiYong: Come on just pick one :P [Y/N]: Okay I choose "one" JiYong: Good Choice ;)
[Y/N]: Now what Jiyong: Shut your eyes okay [Y/N]: okay *shuts eyes* Jiyong: Okay you can open them.....now!
[Y/N]: *You open them seeing this, and begin to laugh* Jiyong: *chuckles to himself* [Y/N]: *As you begin to calm down you notice him staring at you* ....what ~(^.^)~ Jiyong: *says quietly* I really love you [Y/N]: *You Feel your face growing red* Jiyong: *he notices you blushing* ....you must've heard *laughs to himself* I really love you
[Y/N]: *playful pushes him* stop .. *You look back up at him and catch his gaze* Jiyong: Y/N You're really beautiful..... [Y/N]: *his gaze intensifies making your heart beat faster* Ji- I
*You try to turn away but He cups your face in his hands forcing you to look at him* Jiyong: Y/N I think......no I have feeling for you * he leans in slowly and his lips meet your in a soft kiss*
*the kiss breaks moments afterward and Ji Yong sit there's watching your expression* [Y/N]: Jiyong Jiyong: *chuckling* you really didn't notice....you should really pay attention more to people's intentions *he smirks and begins to lean in once more* *this time the kiss is passionate but hungry* *this all leads up to well - unmentionable stuff*
Well that's all for today....I have to still put up the SOTD so that'll be up soon
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