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This is my list of 3 HIGHLY recommended animes!

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Gangsta. This is a great and mature anime. It is about two 'handy men' who do the jobs nobody (especially the law enforcement) wants to do, but only if the pay is good. The main characters are Nicolas and Worick. Nicolas is a tag, which is someone with a heightened ability, who is deaf but skilled with a sword and tends to go overboard. Worick is a smooth talker who is great with guns and keeps his partner in line. Alex is something of a 'secretary'. They all have a troubled past, a dangerous present, and an unpredictable future.
This anime has a lot of action with great fight scenes, but it also has a lot of heartbreaking moments. It's easy to become emotionally invested in the story and the characters. It has a lot of points to it and isn't easy to predict what will happen.
Gintama! This show is ridiculous, over the top, and random as hell! There are general story lines but there is a lot of randomness thrown into the mix. And by random I mean like 'wtf was that?!' random! But all their jokes aside, there are awesome fight scenes, serious stories, and sad moments. It is about a man named Gintoki who recruits 2 young people, Shinpachi and Kagura, to work with him at his 'men for hire' business. Here they get called on to do odd jobs to make ends meet (but still never have rent money) and end up running into crazy situations. It takes place in Japan but a Japan where aliens have invaded and taken over.
Another hilarious and wonderful thing about Gintama is that they parody almost anything and everything! And not just anime but also video games and actual people too!
Free! As most sports animes it has its funny moments, shows good friendships, rivalry, how awesome it is to be part of a team, and how hard work really pays off. It's about Haruka Nanase who, with a group of friends, starts a swim club at their school. The group has known each other since they were little but one of them has returned to Japan but at a different school and became a major rival to Haruka. They work hard to start up a school team and try to get to nationals.
It is in a way unique. It is a sports anime about swimming which makes it a bit different than the typical baseball or basketball. But more unique is that it tends to its female fans with a little bit (or a lot) of fan service. However, it is really not over the top with it because let's face it, it's about swimming so yes, most of the time they will be half naked and in swim suits. They are also athletes so they will be muscular. But it is so well written and also beautifully animated that it can be enjoyed by really anyone who likes a good sports anime. It has its funny moments, they have victories, they have losses, and they have issues that teens face in real life. It can bring you to tears and it can make you cheer when they win.

Hope you can find an interest in one of these animes!!

love all three of them but I would add. God eater and blood lad
@BeannachtOraibh Thanks! I love Gintama lol it's so ridiculous you have to love it
♡♡♡Gintama! Great card!
watch fairy tail
I love Gangsta. Such great fight scenes
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