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It's called Garden of Words. It is possibly one of the most beautiful and touching movies I've ever seen!
The animation and the story seems to grip and drag you into the characters and their lives.
It's almost undescribable how crisp and polished this 47 minute movie is! The animation is perfect, the story is amazing and the way it pulls you in is phenomanal! Oh and the ending...
The ending will make you so happy you might even cry! It is of a romance genre so if you don't like romance then it might not be for you, but even if you like romance even a tiny bit then please PLEASE watch this movie and tell me what you think of it! Have a great day everyone hope to hear from you all soon!
exactly xD Also that final scene was a big part of the movie and it was amazing!
Oh and all the rain lol
I saw this movie a few months ago. Only thing I remember about it is the animation was awesome and I really enjoyed it. And the scene where she runs down the stairs after him. That scene was beautiful.