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Hello Vingler's!!!! I can never pick only 3 anime that are my most favorite or that i liked the most cause unfortunately...i can never make up my mind because there's so much anime that Ive seen and to be seen which means spots as my favorite in a certain category could possibly change which is why im picking a few favorites in certain categories

#1 category is School/ life /Romance

ok so i have many school/ life/ romance anime's but Here is just a few of my top :School/ life /Romance


i found out there's a limit to how many pictures you can post and words to type so im not going to give much of a plot....just enough info馃榿
馃挔Picture 1) Kamisama Hajimemashita !! this anime is not only a super great romance it also has school life, and guess what ?? the main character becomes a god and falls in love with her fox familiar馃槉!! i highly recommend this anime!! Theres 2 seasons and both are Dubbed and Subbed!! 馃挔Picture 2) mikakunin de shinkoukei!! this anime is really cute and a sweet romance it has school life but besides that it also has fantasy!! this anime is only subbed but i highly recommend it!! 馃挔Picture 3) Blue Spring ride!! This anime is a great romance the main character is not only funny but has a cool personality. this anime shows parts of the main characters pasts together and the current time!! it is currently only subbed (may be dubbed in future) you'll love this anime!! 馃挔Picture 4) ouran highschool host club !! this anime is cute and funny at the same time!! the main character meets a group of boys and well they thought she was a boy t first but eventually the story unfolds and becomes an amazing anime!! this anime is Dubbed and Subbed!! you'll love it!! 馃挔Picture 5)Kaichou wa Maid-sama! this anime is not only a cute romance but has school life and competitive main characters!! this anime is Dubbed and Subbed!! you'll love this anime as well!!

#2 Action/Fighting/longer anime / really great!!

Ok so in this list youll see a few common well known anime series!!

note: Pictures go in order with shows!!

馃挔picture 1)NARUTO!!!! ok naruto has tons of episodes and throughout the story we watch team 7 grow up!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ANIME!!! This anime is action packed, amazing and has wonderful music!!! there's 3 total naruto anime series (so far) Naruto: 210 episodes all dubbed Naruto shippuden:437 over 300 dubbed there's naruto Gaiden not sure how many episodes yet just started in the spring!! there's a tonnn of naruto movies also!! and ova's 馃挔Picture 2)Rise of the Yoki clan!!! this series has 2 ,24 episode seasons. this anime is dubbed and subbed!! this anime is really great not only that it focus around ancients folk tales about Japanese spirits such as a fox spirit!! the main character may seem like a wimp at first but he becomes awesome at night!! 馃挔Picture 3)Fairy tail!! this anime series currently only has 175 episodes dubbed and 280 or so in total!! it has a really great soundtrack!! this anime focus around a team of 4 mages that are from the guild Fairy Tail!!! 馃挔Picture 4) soul eater!!! 51 episodes of kick but awesomeness!! this anime is currently dubbed and subbed!! this anime has awesome art but not only that a great plot i recommend this anime!!!! 馃挔Picture 5)Bleach!!! 366 episodes in total but the last 15 episodes are not dubbed. this anime focus around Ichigo which meets a mysterious girl name Rukia and becomes a soul reaper!! this anime has a really great soundtrack and awesome characters!! 馃挔Picture 6) One Piece!! One piece has over 700 episodes and only about 400 more or less are dubbed. the anime has great characters but not only that a great story!!!! one piece is a really great anime that i recommend!!!

Dark anime/ gory/terror/ 馃槺

Ok so here's the last categorize list imma going to give!!

Note: the pictures line up with the show orders!!

鉂椻潡鉂椻潡warning Pic 2 and 3 might be a little graphic for some people but that was the least gory pics i could find so you've been warned...

馃挔Picture 1) Attack on titan!! this is a very dark anime but has great characters and is really not that gory as other anime.. there's 1 season so far its subbed and dubbed 24 episodes!!! i recommend this anime!! 馃挔Picture 2) Elfen lied... this anime is really gory there's heads being ripped off people getting torn to shreds...honestly im not the biggest gory anime fan so i skipped some parts that were to gory.. over all the ending was great!! there's 13 episodes i believe there dubbed and subbed!! 馃挔Picture 3) Blood C this anime series seems light at first and happy but on the last episode it was so gory that i bout quit the anime馃槀there's 12 episodes and a movie their both dubbed and subbed!!! 馃挔Picture 4) Future Diary this anime is not as gory either but has a more twisted characters and plot the anime is centered around a game to become a time god by killing off people and whoever is the last man standing wins. the anime is subbed and dubbed there's 26 episodes. 馃挔 picture 5) Tokyo Ghoul!!!!!! tokyo ghoul is a extremely great anime that has 2 seasons so far( 3rd comming in 2016!!!) both are dubbed and subbed. this anime is a must watch the characters are awesome and smart!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ANIME!!!
this is my entry @hikaymm Hope you like it!!
All of my followers and friends i hope you like this list as well and it might give you something else to watch in the future!!

Sorry for leaving out 30 or so of my followers 馃槀that i did not put the names of there's just to many of you馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀!!!!!

For those who want me to make another card like this with different anime the please like and comment!!!!!!

ill make another one depending on how many likes i get!!!!! also feel free to leave a category of what anime you might like me to do next and ill pick 3 more categories to do for you guys!!!

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bleach is dubbed all the way
2 years agoReply
@Globlewaffle then they must have changed it when I was watching it (like 3 years ago) the last 15 were not dubbed
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@Globlewaffle but glad to hear the finish dubbing it
2 years agoReply
wrf was that! !!!!!!!!!
2 years agoReply
Thank you so much for putting in Nurahiyon! !!!!! i haven't met anyone else who knew that anime and i love it to pieces (and i agree with all your selections in the first two categories, theyre all favorites! )
2 years agoReply