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Xiukitty spam!!
For @Emealia since she isn't feeling well and needs some love! Get ready for major Minseok feels!

Here We Go!!!

Don't you just love how he can go from cute squishy baozi to hot sexy Xiudaddy in like 2 seconds?!
Ready for the wink/smile combo? with a bonus Kyungsoo!
Still alive everyone?..
Almost done.. c'mon you can make it!
Did you enjoy? I hope you did and that you get better soon!!
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hahaha idk if thats a good or bad thing 馃樃馃樃馃樃 oh well thanks gor the welcoming haha hmmm yeah ibcan see him acting
@DianaCastaneda lol it's both! I just looked it up (cause it'd bother me for the rest of the day ^^) and the web drama is called 'Falling For Do Jeon' and you can watch it subbed on dramabuds.com! It looks seriously cute too.
haha sweeet ! ill check it out as soon as i get some free time on my hands 馃樅馃樅馃樅 @KellyOConnor