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So this is part 4 and I decided to make it only ChaCha and Jay Park..... (Throwback Thursday)
Why? Because they have an awesome friendship and create/produce great beautiful music. The songs were mostly produced by ChaCha and he doesn't sing on them but they are still great songs.
This is ThrowBack Thursday ChaCha and Jay Park edition.
I swear there too many ChaCha produced to just choose five though *pulling out hair in frustration* so I didn't lol
I took @LexTay327 suggestion and included this first song:


This song got me like ooooo *jammin here*
But I think ChaCha produces some of the best songs...just saying


This is literally my favorite song with ChaCha (all time FAVORITE SONG!)

Single Life

What y'all know about this song (except that it explains my entire relational situation at the moment)


lol how can I not I mean this is the beginning and of course there is the English and Korean versions

Can't Stop

And of course I have the English and Korean versions for these songs as well.
If you guys aren't familiar with this song.....enjoy and critique as much as you like I really do enjoy this song (produced by ChaCha) and found myself jammin' while listening to it and can we give a shout out to Beenzino and Dumbfoundead minor parts in the songs

Hopeless Love

I couldn't help but include this song with the two and don't you hear the truth of most relationships in this song
Like really Jay and ChaCha why y'all gotta be so real with this

Body 2 Body

Be With Me Tonight

My Last

lol the irony.....this is my last song for the this card


ok this is officially my last song.....your welcome