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hey I'm new on here and haven't made a card yet so I thought now is as good of time as any so here it is......this pic is one of the many pics I love. The crazy girl in the background there is my bff. Im kinda shy and dont have many friends. I love all kinds of music especially my new found love kpop. My fav. kpop group is big bang. umm idk what else soo....I hope to make some friends and maybe more cards...thanks for taking the time to read my card <3
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WELCOME TO VINGLE Many of us offer heart attacks on the daily and you can request to have feels at any given moment! PREPARE FOR FANGIRLING
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Welcome馃挄 and dont worry about being shy here were all family here we understand the fangirl life and I love BigBang too!(GD is my soulmate馃槀馃槀) but seriously feel free to post as much as you want we dont judge here
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Welcome! I absolutely adore BigBang, (I really really love and adore GD, he's everything to me (: ) don't be shy, we're all fans here, we get it aha, this is really a no judgement zone here:)
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Annyeong! I'm kinda new here, and shy too... Geudae, gokchong hajima! Everyone here is friendly and has similar (if not same) interests!
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Welcome to the fam!
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