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I have a some.question to ask you guys
FROM 1-10 How much do you like this game?
How much do you like this game?
Are you have fun?
Is this game fun for you?
Do you want me to play more games like this?
What is your favorite part of this game?
How much do you like GOT7?
this question I asks to see how many people like it and tell me how can improve this game. I hope we have fun playing this game let's play more Fighting!!! @amandamuska @AimeeH @Emealia @Thepinkprincess pleas tag people if you can. Thank you and Thank you my friends
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@DeniseiaGardner I love Mark the most! His smile gets me everytime!
I love GOT7, and this game is fun it's like a journey with someone that I will never have a future with but I can always dream!
10, 10, yes, yes, yes, got7, 이~만금!!!
@DeniseiaGardner really! ive got to check them out! thanks for letting me know
@DeniseiaGardner 10 I love this game yes I'm having so much fun it gets me distracted yes it would be fun if you did a BTS one my favorite part it that you don't know who you will end up dating 🙃 I love this dorks so much I can't control my feels when ever I listen to any of their songs