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This card was made for @hikaymm She wanted to know 3 anime that have a dire need to be watch and Shinigami-dono is here to deliver lol
I think we all saw this one coming...ONE PIECE! If you're not watching this series, it's ok...nope it's not ok. Oh so you don't like adventure? You don't like comedy? Yea, maybe One Piece isn't for you. You should also seek help. THIS SERIES IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It's just you, alongside The Strawhats kicking ass and taking names. Stop wasting time, watch OP.
Yu Yu Hakusho is my next pick. Total classic. Foul-mouthed teenager dies after saving a young boy from being struck by a vehicle. In the afterlife, he is chosen to be the new spirit detective to protect the human world. Back in the days when Toonami was in its prime, this was the show that stepped in when DBZ was gone. It's like when your significant other leaves you and you're heartbroken and boom YYH comes into your life and teaches you how to love again. It's an incredible series, very bromantic, let yu yu hakusho love you.
Saint seiya is my final choice. This is another classic (yes, I'm old but hey, anime was unbelievable back then). Young men chosen to fight on behalf of a deity using powers derived from the constellations. Another bromantic pick (literally two of the main characters are brothers lol). It can be very theatrical at times but it's all apart of its whimsy. Go for it!
Lol sweetness! I haven't seen Saint Seiya yet so I have to try that one. ^^
lol! you and @loftonc16 have the same first two XD but I neeeeed to watch Saint Seiya eventually
I've never seen YYH!! It sounds pretty awesome lol. THanks for joining in! Clipped to the challenge collection :)