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My Top 3 Animes of All Time
Alright so I'm participating in the challege to win a totally awesome figurine. Please note these 3 Animes are the best in my opinion and yours may be different. @hikaymm Let's start!
One piece Now it starts kinda slow but is definitely one of the best. I still am watching and can't get enough of the characters. There is quite a bit of character growth and a lot of humor. ^^
Yu Yu Hakusho This one is a bit older but totally awesome. You have enemies who become friends, powers, and a baby boss. >. <
Kimi ni Todoke So this anime I really enjoy because I can identify with her. So this anime struck many chords. I also find its artwork beautiful.
Well that my top 3 anime of all time! I encourage everyone to check them out at least. Thanks!
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@VinMcCarthy Yeah they are awesome. Kimi ni Todoke is pretty good. Has some humor, a little adventure, romance. It's basically a girl coming out of her shell..... akwardly.
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I absolutely LOVE Yu Yu Hakusho
2 years ago·Reply
fairy tail Naruto bleach
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Tagging some people to get it out there. @shannonl5 @buddyesd @poojas @ErinGregory @danidee
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HECK YEAH YYH. I love that show :D
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