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Please 馃槯馃槬
So I've been kinda feeling down lately and I'm reaching out to the kpop community and can you guys link or send me a bunch of uplifting or funny things? I don't know just some things to make me feel better.
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check out my card for youngjae's english. even if you aren't a got7 fan it should cheer you up. Watch an episode of exo's show time. My message inbox is always open if you wanna talk too. i hope you can cheer up fighting! 頌橂偞 :)
My inbox is always open and so are my ears. come to me whenever you need anything at all. we are here with you
Don't worry us kpop fans will make your day/week better. Yeah like how Kpopismylife say watch exo showtime that always cheers me up.
Jin's awkward dancing and Rap Mon's robot face dancing lifts my mood in a sec , you should definetly check it out :D