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So here is part 2 and we are starting off with a suggestion by @LexTay327 and @DasiaB.....

Give It To Me

this song was suggested by @LexTay327 and I have to admit this is one of my favorites
(uhm who wants to do this dance with me like for real though it's sexy and nice)
speaking of one.....


Metronome 메트로놈

Thinking About You 자꾸 생각나

Dangerous 위험해

So that was my five for today and wait for tomorrow's five you will have to wait and see but I will take some requests if you have a fav song you want me to post as well.
I think my favorite Jay Park song is abandoned. That was my favorite dance for the longest time
Jay just uploaded a new video nd I am his huge fan so I need to c it thanks 4 reminding me Lol nd yes I will check this card out 2
Thanks for the tag! I have plenty more where that came from!😄
lol keep giving me suggestions @LexTay327 and your welcome for the reminder @sherrysahar @LiNaHyun I don't have a favorite dance song I just like it when he dances lol