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As we grow up life just seems to get harder and harder. Days are rushed through and we are constantly trying to control of the chaos of work, school, family, home life, keeping healthy and having a second to take a breath and relax.
But those moments of calm are the most important part of your day.
For your health sometimes you need to take a step back when life seems to be getting too crazy. When work is taking over your life and you find yourself crawling into bed each night too tired to even find the time to read, watch a favorite TV show, or even just lay back and relax, your health will start decreasing making your productivity and quality of work decrease as well.
And then you'll be stuck, pushing yourself to your limits while only achieving a fraction of what you want or need.
So just take a day. Shut your phone off and sleep in. Make yourself a good breakfast. Spend the day doing every single thing you love to do. See a movie, go out to eat, finally do a good cleaning so that your house sparkles and shines.
Don't think about work.
And when you crawl into bed, take some more time to just clear your mind of everything.
Trust me you will wake up feeling recharged, refreshed, and 100% ready to tackle everything life has to throw at you.
Because sometimes you just need a minute to do whats right for you. And it isn't a sign of weakness and it isn't a sign of laziness.

It's a perfectly proactive way to ensure that you are living the quality of life that you deserve. Because honestly, whats the point if you aren't having fun?

I wish I could do this more often :/ I think I need one! Have to push through, I'm looking forward to the moments that I can have a little bit of a rest though, it's good to look forward to that.
@TessStevens sometimes I wish jobs understood that a 3 day weekend once a month would actually benefit them!! We would be much more productive