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If You where an anime what Lead would you want to Play?
I have so many I don't know which one maybe u guys should tell me your then I'll have picked mine. lol it can be any Anime girl or boy of ur choosing.
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Oh man.... That's a toughie. I really like Saya off of Blood+, but I don't want to have to sleep years at a time..... And Erza is badass! And Kagura off of Inuyasha if Naraku wouldn't have killed her and she was able to outlive him. Those are the first ones I thought of.
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I saw Sesshomaru, too. That's why I clicked this card. Hahaha @SantaraJones
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death the kid, that guy from durarara and the guy from code gease
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luffy naruto or goku馃憤馃憤
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