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In this community, I think we've all noticed how positive, supportive, and understanding we all are. You guys all have really interesting things to say, and great ways of looking at plots, characters, and everything drama-related.
So I was thinking, I'd love to talk to everyone about issues that K-dramas bring up. People often think dramas are a waste of time, or just about romance, but Korean dramas have actually had an effect on how I think and view the world!
This month, I want to make a weekly or twice a week card about a serious issue in K-dramas that we can all discuss.

What I'd like to know is:

1. Are you interested!?
2. What issues do you want to talk about?!
I already wrote a card >>here<< about Reply 1997 talking about homosexuality.
Here are some other possible topics:
- Strong Female Characters
- Mental Illness/Disabilities
- Women's Rights!

Let me know what else you'd like to talk about, or if you're interested in being tagged in the cards :D

Be sure to follow my Real K-Drama Talk collection >>HERE<<
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I want to join! There's so much I've learned from watching kdrama too! 馃槅 from the little things such as friendships and the Korean traditional, to the deep things like politics or women's rights. I would like to talk to everyone else about these things too ^_^
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I'd love to be included! I think that the dramas have influenced my outlook in a positive way, and would enjoy hearing what others think too.
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LOL omg I love that last gif!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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I love this idea!!!
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I really like the idea. I'll gladly participate. I'd really like to talk about the way women are depicted in dramas.
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